You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Hi friends!

At several points in the last week, from different sources, a blog, a devotional, an article, I’ve come across the topic of intentional friendships, and boy have I been challenged!

Team and friendship are so important, and I must admit, when I’m in the Highlands, I’m pretty rubbish with communicating with friends back home, and the opposite can also be said when I’m home in Edinburgh.

To this end I’ve tried to be a bit more pro-active in terms of being more intentional in my relationships, texting folk to hang out, or even just asking how they are. These don’t sound like a big deal, and maybe to some folk they’re not, but I think it’s really important.

So I’ve been doing just that, meeting folk for dinner, going out for coffee, or sitting down for a good session of Fifa! These things in themselves aren’t anything special, it’s all about the time, letting that person know that you value them.

Proverbs 18:24 says: There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.

Now I’m not an expert at this by any means. But I want to get better. I want to be known as a good friend.

Also, thank you to those friends who do likewise with me. It’s so appreciated.

Just a few thoughts, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t leave you with this.

As always, Love & Laughter

Sean Carnochan


Silent Divorce

Hello friends!

It has been far too long since we last spoke. Almost 16 months in fact, and for that I apologise.

Life goes on in Dingwall, much as it always has. I’m now approaching the end of my third year at Highland Theological College, which is both exciting and frightening!

“I hold that today speaking generally, there has been a silent divorce in the church between the word and the Spirit. When there’s a divorce, sometimes the children stay with the mother, sometimes they stay with the father. In the present divorce, you’ve got those on the word side, and those on the Spirit side. What’s the difference?

Well take those on the word side. The emphasis is ‘we must earnestly contend for the faith once delivered under the Saints, get back to expository preaching, know your doctrine, justification by faith, sovereignty of God, and until sound teaching is here, then the honour of God’s name will not be restored.’

What’s wrong with that emphasis?

Nothing. It’s exactly right.

Now take those on the Spirit side. What’s the message? ‘We need to get back to the Book of Acts. Signs, wonders, miracles, gifts of the Spirit. Get into Peter’s shadow, you’re healed. Lie to the Holy Spirit…struck dead. And until we have that kind of power, the name of God will not be restored.’

What’s wrong with that emphasis?

Nothing. It’s exactly right.

But the sad things is, at the moment, both sides are entrenched. They dig in their heels, they don’t seem to learn from anybody. They just go on in their own thing.

But I believe, were the day to come that the word and the Spirit come together, the simultaneous combination will result in spontaneous combustion, and it will result in the greatest revival since Pentecost.” – R.T. Kendall

This really resonates within me, and since I first heard it, it’s something I think about often. This silent divorce has been going on too long, and it is the longing of my heart to see reconciliation. I don’t know what that looks like other than trying to live that out myself, but perhaps we will see a bridge in the divide, and an end to the silent divorce.

May these two camps no longer harden their hearts to each other. Would our love for God and each other bring us continually closer together. May we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Just something that’s been on my mind.

As always, Love & Laughter,

Sean Carnochan

It’s Beginning to look a lot like…..

Hello my friends!

I’ve not written since June, and for those who actually read this, I’m sorry for that.

I write this at 2am because I’m not really able to sleep.

Since June, I started my second year of Theological Studies in Dingwall, which has been pretty brilliant. The new term brought back old friends, and the opportunity to make new ones.

This term has seen me study Early Church History, Exploring Other Faiths, and Old Testament Prophecy. At the time of writing I have one more essay to finish for Early Church, and an exam on Old Testament later in the week, before I’m officially on my Christmas holidays!

Another exciting development this term has been my exploration into ministry training with the Church of Scotland. This has seen me complete a short, but very good placement with Castle Street Church here in Dingwall, and begin what will be a six month placement in the Muir of Ord with Urray and Kilchrist Church, which I can see already will be a safe place for me to grow, and be stretched.

The holidays once again gives me the opportunity to go back to work with Threshold in Edinburgh, which I absolutely love, and of course, the best part of going home is seeing my wonderful friends, family, and being with my home church for a wee while (Of course I’ll be squeezing in a cinema trip to see The Hobbit too!)

Anyways, this has been a pretty short update due to insomnia and boredom, but I won’t leave it six months before I drop by here again. I have missed it!

As always, Love & Laughter,


Sean Carnochan

Summer Update – Enjoying Life

Hello friends!

It has been so long since I’ve written and for that I am sorry.

I’ve now finished first year of Theology, and I am happy to say that I passed everything! Having not studied properly since leaving high school (which seems like a lifetime ago now), I thoroughly enjoyed it and am already looking forward to getting started with year 2.

The summer now see’s me back working with Crossreach, as many hours as they’ll give me. Thankfully I’m averaging 50 hours a week, so that should keep the bank happy. 

In other news I’m once again off to Lendrick Muir in a few weeks for LM1, which always proves to be a real highlight.

I can truthfully say that I am truly happy. Life is good, God is as good as ever, and I’m seeing Him do some incredible things in and through me, which is a pleasure.

I’ll be back soon with a fuller post I’m sure. Until then,

Love & Laughter,

Sean Carnochan

(P.S. I am aware that I need to continue the Bible Readthrough posts, and that is my intention. Watch this space!)

Easter Break

Hi friends!

So, I was hoping to get my next readthrough blog on Deuteronomy done for tonight, but between getting back to Edinburgh and all the Easter festivities, I haven’t managed to do so. I’m sure you’ll forgive me! Anyways, next Sunday will see the Deuteronomy post. 

Hope you’ve all had a great Easter celebrating the greatest event in history.

Love & Laughter,

Sean Carnochan

Bible Readthrough: Numbers

Hello friends!

Welcome back as I continue my Bible Readthrough! This week we explore what stood out/God highlighted to me in the book of Numbers! Let’s jump right in!

1. 9:15-23 – So basically, God’s presence was with the people like a cloud in the day, and like a fire by night. That’s pretty cool! How reassuring it must have been for them to actually SEE God. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen God like a cloud before, but nonetheless I believe God is always with me, just like He was with them.

2. 13:23-24 – So, it took 2 guys to carry a cluster of grapes on a branch. The promised land is so abundant! So too is God’s Kingdom. Anyone else fancy a giant grape?

3. 21:4-9 – So, this has several elements of amazingness! First of all, we can see this as a forthtelling of Jesus and the Cross, as Jesus Himself would mention in John 3. The other thing I love is the symbol of a serpent, one that would be thought of as evil and symbolic of the enemy is being turned on its head and used as a symbol for healing and restoration. That’s brilliant!

So that’s us again pals. We’ve reached the end of another week. Next week I review the book of Deureronomy, and it’s also Easter Sunday! Brilliant!

Love & Laughter,

Sean Carnochan

Bible Readthrough: Leviticus

Hello friends!

Welcome to week 3 of my Bible Readthrough! This week I’ve read Leviticus and I’ll admit it wasn’t easy, but I have learned and heard God speak through it so let’s get to it!

1. 5:1 – I find this incredible! If you don’t speak up against injustice it was called a sin. This really blows my mind!

2. 19:15 – Another verse that talks of justice, and treating all people as equal.

3. 26:12/13 – God would dwell with His people. He would walk among them! This whole book talks of being just and holy, and in doing so God would walk with us.

Well there you go, the first 2 shares were very linked, so maybe there is some stuff for me to think about….

Anyways! I hope this has been helpful, come back next week when I give my shares on the book of Numbers!

Love and Laughter,

Sean Carnochan

Bible Readthrough: Exodus


Hello friends!

Welcome back to the Carnochan Chronicles where we have reached part 2 in my Bible Readthrough challenge! (A personal challenge, in order to read God’s Word more.) This week I read the book of Exodus, and there are so many great bits in this book, but I have managed to bring it down to just 3, that stood out/I felt God highlight to me.

1. 7:14-11:10 – The Ten Plagues. The reason I love this is because basically what is happening is God is showing that He is stronger than the Egyptian ‘gods’. He reveals His power over creation and the elements to show Pharaoh just who He is. That’s pretty awesome!

2. 20:1-17 – The Ten Commandments. I think if I were living in the time of Moses then perhaps I would have looked at the commandments and thought ‘I can’t do this!’. I think this is the point of the commandments, that on our own, we have no chance of being holy and coming close to God. Now that we can look back, the law drives us towards a saviour. It drives us towards Jesus.

3. 34:29-35 – Moses got so close to God that his face literally shone. He looked different. I want to be changed by God as I spend time with Him. I want to look like someone who has looked at God.

Well there you have it friends, Exodus.

Come back next week as I share my thoughts on Leviticus! You won’t want to miss it!

Love and Laughter,

Sean Carnochan

Bible Readthrough: Genesis


Hello friends!

This is part 1 of my Bible Readthrough challenge. I have to begin and say this was a lot harder than I anticipated! Finding the time to properly read all of Genesis this week was tough, between work and plain distractions. However, 50 minutes over the 1 week mark, I have finished Genesis, and these are the 3 things that stood out/I felt God speaking to me about. I’m not going to go into loads of detail because that’s not the purpose for this.

1. Genesis 3:21 ‘The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.’ – I absolutely love this. One of the things that has brought the Bible together for me is seeing how Jesus is active in the Old Testament, which is sometimes called ‘typology’. Some may think I’m reading into it too much, but I believe this is the first foreshadow of Christ, that God would make a sacrifice, to cover the shame of man. Beautiful.

2. Genesis 39 – Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. This section really gives us a lesson in loyalty and character. Joseph at this stage is in charge of his masters household, when his masters wife tries to seduce him. Joseph however, out of loyalty to his master and his love for God declines.

3. Genesis 40/41. Yes this is another Joseph story but it’s just brilliant. These are the sections that deal with Joseph interpreting dreams. I don’t often dream, but when I ask God to give me a dream, He always does. I want to dream more, I want to hear from God more. I encourage you to ask God for a dream, or find a way that you best hear from Him.

Well, that was tough but I really enjoyed that. Come back next week when I give feedback on what God highlights for me in the book of Exodus! I can’t wait!

Love and Laughter,

Sean Carnochan